A collection of what I deem to be beautiful, frightening, and important.
When Someone Goes Away Everything That’s Been Done Comes Back
In the embrace on the corner you will recognize
someone’s going away somewhere. It’s always so.
I live between two truths
like a neon light trembling in 
an empty hall. My heart collects
more and more people, since they’re not here anymore.
It’s always so. One fourth of our waking hours
is spent in blinking. We forget
things even before we lose them –
the calligraphy notebook, for instance.
Nothing’s ever new. The bus 
seat is always warm.
Last words are carried over
like oblique buckets to an ordinary summer fire.
The same will happen all over again tomorrow—
the face, before it vanishes from the photo, 
will lose the wrinkles. When someone goes away
everything that’s been done comes back.

Nikola Madzirov


Semper Fido. 

My background, one of my favorite pics I took in NYC

Iceland. by Julian Bialowas


An ode to hearts and flowers. 

checking off fall to-do’s one weekend at a time. who has the best apple pie recipe to share?

Oia, Greece | by 5ERG10)

Tonight we’ll dance

Thinkin’ about fall. (Photo by Ben Russell)